Central Sesimbra

Batelão Maria Grécia |The new breackwater left one wreck | Depth: 8 - 10 meters | Level 1 easy

In 1985, when the construction ending, one of the support boats was sunk.

Due to the fact that it is a wreck diving site in an advanced state of degradation, it is suggested to use gloves and a good buoyancy control. It is a place with good conditions for underwater photography, given the good visual perspective on the wreck.

You can see a wide variety of sponges, cnidarians and annelids, among which predominate tube worms with its beautiful fans of tentacle-like feathers, extended to filter plankton from the water.

Pedra do Meio | Just in front of us! | Depth: 8-14 meters | Level 1 Easy

Located roughly halfway through the bay of Sesimbra, the "Middle Stone" or Nautilus Stone as it is also known as, consists of two large slabs resulting from the original division for the passage of urban emissaries from Sesimbra. It is a place with excellent conditions for night diving because of its easy navigation and diversity of crevices and cavities, which are home to numerous cryptic species, which are mostly nocturnal, such as conger and berries anemones. This rare anemone produces a magnificent scenery with its poisonous tentacles drifting in the water column, which uses to hunt at night.

In addition to the slabs lined with anemones and sponges, on the rocky bottom we find cuttlefish and octopuses, cape and clownfish, safios and witches.