Wreck Diving - Underwater History

The goal may be a sunken object that has become an artificial reef for divers or lost parts, result of an accident - wrecks are fascinating because they are windows to the past.

Ships, airplanes and even cars are captivating to explore and are full of underwater life. Each wreck dive offers an opportunity for discovery, potentially trying to solve a mystery or find something that others have missed.

The Specialty PADI Wreck is among the most preferred because it offers rewarding adventures in shipwreck, maintaining and observing the responsible diving practices.

Being at least 15 years old and a PADI Adventure Diver or higher, you can subscribe to the Specialty PADI Wreck.


There are many types of debris, and many are protected by laws because of its historical and cultural significance.

In practical classes for four dives, will develop knowledge on:

- Security considerations to navigate and explore shipwrecks.

- Surveying and Mapping of a shipwreck.

- Using spools and guiding lines for the operation.

- Techniques to avoid contact with mud or debris and its inhabitants.

- In addition, the first dive of the Specialty PADI Wrecks, can serve as a credit for the Adventure Dive certification Advanced Open Water Diver.


2 days / 4 dives


All necessary equipment

PADI Manual

International Certification (PADI)


Minimum 15 years of age and / or PADI Adventure Diver or higher