Search & Recovery

It is very often that divers accidentally leave pieces of equipment, such as fins, ballasts, flashlights and other small objects during the dive.

The search is not always happy, if you do not have a method! The PADI Search & Recovery specialty teaches exactly the different methods of underwater searching. There are effective ways to look for objects that increase the chances of success. So this specialty can be an interesting challenge!


Planning, organization and procedures for search and retrieval. A knowledge development module:

Swimming, search patterns using your compass and natural navigation.

Find objects large and small using various search patterns.

Use of the lift bag for large or heavy objects, as well as other recovery methods.

Plan a search operation based on facts gathered on an object lost before the dive


2 days / 4 dives


All necessary equipment

PADI Manual

International Certification (PADI)


Minimum 12 years of age and / or PADI (JR) Open Water Diver certification or above